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Top 5 Nazi Zombie Movies

So I've been looking around on the internet about anything zombies and particularly came across a website that mentions the Top 5 Nazi Zombies ever made.....with a tiny ass review that doesn't do the review process enough of mere justice.

So here is my review of the Top 5 Nazi Zombie movies ever made.

We start with #5 - the worst on the list here.

#5. Zombies Of War:

Originally made in the UK, the US made it's own version (although not much better) called "Horrors Of War" with a little bit of a clean up on the movie sleeve itself as well. The premise of the story is is that it takes place during World War II and a group of soldiers come across a tamed version of the first zombie made by a Nazi scientist. The group of soldiers is then tasked with, after learning more information about the secret projects by the Nazi scientist, to hunt him down and kill the man. Along the way, the soldiers run into all sorts of problems from running into firefights with other Nazi's and at times running into Zombies themselves. As much as I would like to review movies - I will not give away the ending.

Plot: Poor Plot
Acting Abilities: Terrible

#4. Oasis Of The Zombies

Directed by Jess Franco. All I can really say about this one is is that there is a bit more Zombie action going on here and the acting is a bit better apart from Zombies Of War. The graphics, make up and what not go to a whole new length as well despite it being made in 1981. Oasis Of The Zombies has also shown up in some other countries as well including Mexico. Of course, the acting is a bit different, a few different actors, the music, etc....

Plot: Decent Plot
Acting Abilities: Average

#3. Dead Snow

I am actually quite impressed with this movie despite it having a lame sense of comedy half-way through the movie. The pros of this movie go to the graphics and make up. It is very impressive of how they made the Nazi Zombies look. The cons will have to go to not only the lame humor half-way through but the cliche old man in the cabin giving a history of the area that set off the mood for the scary woods.

Setting is quite impressive for this movie. There's some decent acting and the drive the characters have, including the zombies, really give the movie and the concept life.

Plot: Decent Plot
Acting Abilities: Decent

*Worth Watching*

#2. Shock Waves

Starring Peter Cushing. The action from this movie seems to be a bit more intimidating. The zombie like characters are much more like real humans with real actions versus the typical slow moving zombies. As I said - Intimidating. There isn't too much to be said about this movie except for the chill factor when the zombies are coming out of the lake. The synopsis is basically about some people are on a beach vacation on an abandoned island which they come to find out is inhabited by a crazy Nazi scientist that has been creating Nazi Zombies. A little bit of a downer is the lack of blood/gore. Scariest part = the Nazi zombie rises out of the water behind a unsuspecting prey and takes him down beneath the water and drowns him.

Plot: Decent Plot
Acting Abilities: Decent

*Worth Watching*

And we finally come to the number one Nazi Zombie Movie.

#1. Zombie Lake

Starring Howard Vernon. This film is only worth watching for its effects and for the women's naked volleyball team zombie attack. Yes! That's right! There's quite a bit of nudity in this one. This one is more of a laughable zombie movie versus anything else. However, it is also a work of genius as well. The plot is great for it being made in 1981 and the acting is sometimes not all there but there are some good moments as well.

What's worth watching is more for the nudity and sometimes laughable plot but other than that there is some high and low moments.

*Worth Watching*

Well that's the end folks! Hope you all enjoyed this mini-review and hope to hear what you all have to say about them.

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