Friday, October 5, 2012

Marvel NOW! A Whole New Avengers? Or Flop?

So what does Marvel NOW! have to offer?

That's a very good question to ask because so many comic book fans and even the newer generation of comic book fans see that Spider-Man and Wolverine are going to end after #700 and heavily fret over this news. However, the good news is is that Spider-Man and Wolverine will NOT be ending after #700 but will be simply getting a reboot to fit the modern universes of today. Marvel NOW! is nothing more than a compilation of reboots of Avengers and the X-Men mostly.

The latest news coming out of the Marvel Universe shows a three issue arc called "Avengers World." The three issue arc presents how the Avengers must become something bigger and something more than themselves. The first issue begins with the Avengers facing a threat nothing like they have ever faced before. A back story of Tony Stark and Captain America is also told about how the two have quietly been collaborating with each other to create a contingency plan for events such as this new threat they are facing.

Johnathan Hickman, writer of the new Avengers, goes on to reveal the storm front of "established" characters to appear in this astounding series beginning in issue #7 and #8. A total of 24 characters will eventually make it into this line up and by the time 22 characters have been brought in, at least 12 are females or minority.

When asked what are the challenges in balancing such a large cast of Avengers, especially with multiple new characters, this was his response:

“We thought a lot about this, how to make something like this work. Just thinking of a structure with the rest of the guys. We have a monthly ongoing Hulk book, and a Wolverine book, and a Captain America book… We have all of those books. So if you write a book about the Avengers, and it’s a team of all of those guys, really you limit yourself and what you can do in terms of character development. Structurally, we’re going with three issue arcs that are really big stories.”

Seems like with the reboot that Marvel NOW! plans to make, old-school Marvel ideas will be scrapped and the Marvel Universe will now be taken into a whole new direction. Some can debate that this is a bad idea for Marvel to take everything and everyone into a whole new direction but some can also debate that a whole new direction is just what the Marvel Universe needs in order to peak the curiosities of the whole new generation of comic book fans that are discovering Marvel and even the DC Universe.

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