Monday, October 8, 2012

The Reward & Other Flashy Fun

So today I received my first winners badge from winning Devin O'Branagan's September Flash Fiction Contest. I was very excited when I received it today. This makes me feel better as a writer. This day is becoming even better and better. I'm getting a Moped soon, the Wife just got a new job, I just got a new job. I might get a courtesy patrol position at my apartment complex which includes discount on rent too (woohoo!) So yes I am very happy man right now.

I will admit though, my story could use a tiny bit of changes with a couple grammatical errors but hey, that's okay because I can just adjust the writing a little bit and then it is perfect. For all of you blog readers and writers, I shall post the story here. Keep in mind that this is the original script without changes made to it yet.
A Teachers Magic

The first day of school had arrived and the thralls of the summer vacations past never seemed to equate my emotions I carried through the first day of school. The bright yellow sun shone down on the sickly red brick building known as the “school-house”. The clouds loomed in small numbers casting small shadows on the grassy knolls outside the main entrance. The students of previous years hanged around and some went in – they knew the drill. The new students were easy to spot from their obvious bodily expressions indicating their confusion as to where their new class is at. Although, there was something particular about this day that didn't seem like it was all the rest. Was it because I advanced to the junior year? Was it puberty? Something told me none of those questions had proper answers.

The bell rang and I started to walk through the main entrance of the school-house to only have metal detectors waiting for every student and members of the school staff. Ah, the same old routine. Once I passed by the hulking, minimally-waged paid Security Guard, I started walking through the newly painted white halls with lockers on both sides towards the expected same old drawled down home room. As I walked closer and closer to the dank home room, butterflies in my stomach kept growing stronger and stronger with every step.

“What’s going on?” I asked myself in a low whisper.

I noticed the prettiest girl in the home room, Fiona, and her goon squad was staring at me with a bewildered look.

Walking into the home-room, there in front of me, writing away with chalk on the black chalkboard, was my answer.

She smelt of dead dry leaves and IcyHot ointment. She was draped in a potato-sack looking poncho, two scarves draped around her neck and bulging eye-glasses which looked as though they magnified her eyes like a close up of a fly under a microscope. As I started to make my way towards my seat, the key lanyard hanging out my pocket caught onto one of the desks and pulled it out of its position causing a loud screeching noise against the hard wooden floor. She turned around quickly but seemingly without a fright though which was strange.

“Well, hello there little one, find your seat yet? Or did it find you? Hehe!” she snickered.

“S-s-Sorry Ms.……” I started.

“Ms. Hopper it is dearie,” finished the strange teacher.

Embarrassed now, I returned the desk to its former position and sat down into my own desk. Once I thought that this couldn’t get any worse…….it did. I looked up to see the teacher starting to dance in a circle and chanting,

“Vim, Vam, Vaboom – sang the dead man’s tomb!”

To make matters worse, the rest of the students started pouring during the middle of her trance-like dance. Some students tried to hold back their laughs while others just stared with a bewildered look on their faces wondering what they were in for this school year. MS. Hopper stopped suddenly and slowly stood up straight and stared back at all the other students that now filled the room. She noticed one of the boys, Henry, filming it all with his newly purchased black iPhone 4S. Whether it was by coincidence or not, the phone suddenly started to spark, cracked and fell to the floor in several pieces. Needless to say, it was strange but Henry was not a happy camper. How was he going to explain that one to his parents?
The class lecture began like normal with the entire regular curriculum but during the last 15 minutes of class will never be forgotten till the day I die.

“Class, this is all well and good for your education but what about THE ADVENTURE?!” started yelling frantically.

“The adventure?” Susie asked confused.

“YES SWEET DEAR!” she continued yelling.

“Let me ask you this class! Do any of you believe……..in MAGIC?!” asked Ms. Hopper.

“Magic doesn’t exist you crazy old bat!” screeched Henry.

“Really Mr. Hunter?” replied Ms. Hopper.

“Dap, Doop, Dappitty Dap Dap! Let the tamed be named the dame!” chanted Ms. Hopper as she pulled out a wand like tool beneath her brown potato-sack looking poncho.

Every student in the class room including myself gasped with amazement. The room fell silent for a few moments. Well….that was until a low snicker started to be heard and just like a contagious illness – it spread throughout the whole classroom until there was a strong plethora  of laughter. What happened to Henry you ask? Well let’s just say he never heard of Cinderella before!

“Now class, without magic in your lives, you will cease to exist as a whole. Imagine yourself waking up every morning knowing you had to go to school. That’s magic! Now imagine your thoughts when you are studying your homework to succeed in school. That’s magic! Beginning to see the picture here darlings?” inquired Ms. Hopper.

It was as though it was a military school because everyone answered in sync to this obviously crazy but intriguing teacher.

“Yes, Ms. Hopper!”

“Every day you come to class and if you can keep the magic to yourselves, I will perform more magic for you. And if you get good grades my dearies, I just might consider teaching all of you……Magic!” Ms. Hopper stated with sneakiness in her voice!

Everyone’s faces lit up with glee at this news. Everyone thought to themselves the same as I.

“Magic? Oh Wow!” or
“Can I turn my boyfriend into a toad?”

No matter what they were thinking, every student in that class room all thought the same thing…….

“This year is going to be very awesome!”

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