Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DC Up's and Down's. The NEW 48?

In January 2013, DC Comics will end 4 titles bringing it down to 48 instead of 52 but there is still a search going on to see who will replace the 4 cut-off titles. Blue-Beetle's end will mark a set-up for it's new title (without a clearly know date as to when exactly that will be).

Frankenstein: Agent Of S.H.A.D.E., Blue Beetle, Grifter and Legion Lost will be getting cut from the line up in January 2013. Despite these cuts, these four stories were among the original, first wave stories in The New 52 line up back in September 2011. G.I. Combat will also be joining the ranks of the previous four in December. The New 52 will be ending with Threshold.

The new Justice League Of America will be kicking off the month of February 2013 which will bring the count back up to 49 but the question is, which books will be filling in the last three ranks of the new 52?

A representative from Newsarama.com asked DC Comics this question but as of press time, DC Comics has not been able to post a response back to Newsarama.com. When Newsarama.com reps were at the 2012 New York Comic Con, these reps heard news that Scott Snyder and Jim Lee will be hosting a new Superman sometime in 2013 but there has been no confirmed dates yet as when that will exactly be so this can be ruled out as a replacement for February 2013's line up. To make matters even worse, no news on current or new titles going into the new year were ever spoken of at the New York Comic Con.

DC Comics, in the past year, have been gracious enough to immediately replace titles that were canceled but now it seems as though DC Comics is slipping up a bit. Is this an accident or a clever ruse for something bigger to come?

All we know at this point is the name of the titles for January 2013 release, and those are:
Batman Family
Justice League Family
Green Lantern Family
Superman Family
The Dark Family
The Edge Family
Young Justice Family

Whether this change and/or slip is an accident or not, DC Comics recently has been having some troubles of their own with Cartoon Network. And by that I mean, pulled animated television shows. Some DC Nation shows were abruptly taken off the air without notice or fair warning which did not settle well with the nations of fans out there. The drop was replaced by an hour-long show of Dragons: Riders Of Berk. Of these titles that were pulled were, Young Justice, Green Lantern and shorts that include Amethyst. The good news is that they will be returning January of 2013 but no one knows just yet why this has happened. The bad news......pissed off fans of DC Nation and other sorts of fans alike.

So what's really going on with DC Comics and DC Nation?

No one really knows. Mum's the word for right now it seems like so stay tuned and I will provide some more details as they come in.


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