Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Temptress Of Nature!

Today the Wife and I decided to take a stroll around town and by stroll I mean walk around town because my truck was recently repossessed lol. Upon our travels we stopped by the local comic book store, "Dr. Fantasy's Comics N' More," and was just doing some normal browsing. Upon my browsing I suddenly had remembered that today was shipment day for the store. I then went to the lovely lady up at the cashier desk and asked her if "Fanboys Vs. Zombies #7" had arrived yet and to my sadness, she said tomorrow. Here's the interesting fact about it though; as popular as this comic book been becoming, I have always been able to find current and past issues lying around at my two favorite stores, so this makes me a very happy man because I had also realized that on Friday I am going to my other favorite store to see the store owners.

"O' Temptation! How art thou a heartless bitch!" as the saying goes.

I had only one goal in mind and that was to have something to eat next door from the shop and get one comic book today but that unfortunately didn't work out. It was such a beautiful day today! I ended up walking out of that store with 3 comic books, "Grifter #0 and #1" and "Green Arrow #13" and not only had lunch at my favorite restaurant "Johnny Rockets" but ended up walking around the mall, walking around Target, stopping by the Harkins Movie Theater and seeing "Taken 2," a decent movie with a bad ending.

Needless to say, the wife and I had a wonderful time today just walking around town and chatting it up with each other despite wasting more money than we said we would but that's okay though because I have a backup plan and things will be just fine.

Oh and did I mention that I'm getting a Scooter Moped soon? Oh yes! As Stan Lee would put it......Excelsior! :-D

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