Sunday, October 14, 2012

CBReview: Grifter #0 and #1

I know I am a bit behind on this one here due to the fact it is now up to #13 now but I felt Grifter #0 and #1 needed it's own little review. What I mean by little is actually a little review haha. Nothing too long this time.

So here we go.

Grifter #0 brings together the concept of the blurred origins of Grifter. It begins with Grifter stating just how easy his job is and how he enjoys it with the help of his "two brothers" but something starts to feel a little off for him. He begins to question the sense of the scene of where he is at and questions if what he is doing is what really is happening at that very moment. It escalates into him about to go into shock when he is now pointing a gun at the back of one of his brother's head. It's in this moment when he realizes it's not real but notices behind a sketchy character. He see's this hooded individual and questions if it's a hologram or a ghost due to its transparent appearance. However, that wasn't the only thing on the list of strange things he notices. He now notices that he "thinks" he knows this person but doesn't know how or why he does. He knows the persons name as well but again doesn't know how or why. He sees the mysterious man talking to him but can barely hear him. He's able to make out the word "programming" but this doesn't make sense to him at all.  This is where you now learn he is floating inside a lab cylinder tank. Before you know it, this mysterious man is more than a figment of his imagination. Why is this man now helping Grifter aka Cole Cash? And why does Grifter wake up later to only reveal this isn't the first time this has happened to him? You will have to read #0 to find out.

Grifter #1 Finds himself on a plane but this turns out to not be an ordinary plane ride for Mr. Cash. The plane has already taken off and now there is no way out of it now. His plane passenger in the seat next to him turns out not all she seems to be as well. There are little excerpts here and there showing that there "voices" inside Grifter's head. The "nice" little passenger asks if he is okay and then the next panel shows Grifter in a paranoid like state stating "I think there's one of them on this plane" and of course Grifter just shrugs it off stating he just needs some aspirin. His first problems begin when he gets up to get medicine and the stewardess reminds him he may not get out of his seat just yet. The next panels show that "nice" little passenger thinking/questioning herself how Grifter knows already what the voices in his heads plans are and mentions the fact she will kill him before the plane lands. Grifter freaks out after hearing this news and points out she is going to kill him but no one listens. The woman pulls out a needle from her hand but Grifter is quick on the draw and gets her before she gets him. The rest of the passengers only simply saw that Grifter killed the "poor little passenger" and yell out he is a murderer. Grifter attempts his escape. Now why did the passengers only see Grifter as a simple murderer? Why is he trying escape? You will have to read #1 to find out.

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