Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marvel NOW! and Scott Summers!

As I have mentioned before - Amazing Spider-Man will be coming to an end after it's #700 release in December which will then soon pave the way for Marvel NOW! So what does this mean for Spider-Man?

Well fortunately Spider-Man will be making his return with Marvel NOW! as mentioned above but not only that - Spider-Man's new launch will begin shortly after the end of Amazing Spider-Man in January of 2013. Writer, Dan Slott, sure has stressed over the changes that changed Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has gone through and stresses of the big things that will be happening in the lead-up issues as well. Now you've already seen the introduction of "Alpha" - a minor kind of "sidekick" to Spider-Man who's origins are that of like Spider-Man's own.

Spider-Man #698 will be a very huge turning point in the ending of the series as well so be sure to look out for that as well.

The other real interesting piece of the ending of Amazing Spider-Man is the soon to come Marcos Martin variant covers celebrating the many talents of whose work has made it all the way up to #700.

Apart from Spider-Man, let's now take our focus over to the All New X-Men. Recently, I had picked up the free previews magazine and something struck me with a heavy gasp and it's going to blow you out of the water as well. From the beginning, we see a very particular mutant stress his, well, stresses over the fact of being an X-Man trying to save and protect the humans while the humans are the ones attacking mutants. He tries to make it clear that he is done being a X-Man and will no longer serve the humans. *Guessed it by now I'm not revealing that characters name till you see for yourself ;)* That will only be a little snip-bit that I will allow myself to mention here. It is a guarantee that you will never see Scott Summers the same EVER again!

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