Monday, October 1, 2012

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction is a sure-fire way to increase one's writing ability. It has enabled me to write better as well. The topics that you receive to write about are a lot of fun. For instance, the last Flash Fiction Contest was in September and the topic was "First day of school and you think your new teacher might be crazy or supernaturally strange." The photo associate with the topic shows one of Hermiones teachers from Harry Potter. This gave me my inspiration for my story. However, the story could be a bit edited and then re-published to seem better.

All of you already know I'm a Writer trying to accomplish the goal of having my comic book published this Fall as well.

If ya'll want to check out my September Flash Fiction story, visit: forum.devinwrites.com
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  1. Isn't flash fiction wonderful, I've noticed improvement as well! Good luck on your comic! ^.^


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