Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney Acquisition Of Lucasfilm

First off, news of a 2015 release of an "Episode VII". Crazy right?

Moving on!

Dark Horse Comics has had the license since 1991 and fans of Star Wars had enjoyed the time lapse of Star Wars Comics since then. Dark Horse Comics president and founder Mike Richardson stated that it "changes the landscape", in what way is still unclear at this point since this is still fresh news.

Here are three possible outcomes for this:

1). Marvel Gets The Star Wars License
*A similar thing had happened in 2009 when Disney bought Marvel. At the time, Disney Comic License was at BOOM! Studios who were receiving well-original material and well-received re-prints as well.

*This could have a more potential outcome due to a well-received Star Wars fans with Marvel

2). Star Wars Stays At Dark Horse
*A similar potential equal outcome could be just this. Star Wars Comics have always been a beneficial factor with Dark Horse comics with its production of several different series that unites them all into a continuity sense and especially with a "what-if" style format as well.

*The only down-set is Disney would just be collecting Licensing fees off of this route and a decrease in fan base.

3). Marvel Runs Wild With It
*Why not go all the way right?

*Interestingly enough, despite #2 being the most likely to happen

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